Tell Your Senator to Vote NO on HB 4500

Tell Your Senator to Vote NO on HB 4500

By: Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

Anti-Abortion extremists are at it again. Remember last fall when HB 4500 was passed out of the Michigan House of Representatives? Well, it’s back in the Senate.

HB 4500 is a bill that allows embryos and fetuses to be counted separately in criminal sentencing guidelines. While the impulse to protect pregnant women from harm is understandable, Michigan law already provides provisions that add sanctions when a person harms a pregnant woman. In this case, we know their true intentions are to build a foundation towards their goal of banning abortion.

Please contact your State Senator today to tell them that you oppose HB 4500 and that we won’t allow them to play games with women’s health care.

Attacks on women’s health and safe, legal abortion have no place in criminal sentencing guideline, or any bill for that matter. Extreme GOP politicians are so hell-bent on attacking women’s access to safe, legal abortion and taking women backwards that they will try any avenue.

To find your State Senator, please click here.

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