Six Ways You Can Help Planned Parenthood in Michigan Right Now!

Six Ways You Can Help Planned Parenthood in Michigan Right Now!

Over the coming weeks and months, we are going to be looking to you to tell us more about your thoughts, issues that are important to you and how you want to have an impact on them. These are six ways you can help Planned Parenthood in Michigan, right now.

1. DONATE: We will continue to provide services and advocate for all of Michigan’s women and families – No Matter What. But we can’t do that without your financial support.

2. COME TOGETHER: Get together with like-minded friends to talk about your feelings and create action plans to support Planned Parenthood and other progressive organizations. Be sure to sign up as a volunteer so that we can connect you with other activists and activities in your area.

3. SPEAK OUT AGAINST HATE: Planned Parenthood’s patients include many of the groups that the Trump-Pence ticket targeted. Work with local organizations to support the work they are doing to protect these communities. Be sure to follow us at, and on Twitter and Instagram @mippadvocates for the most up to date information and events. Use: #WeWontGoBack, #StandWithPP and #StandWithPPAM on social media.

4. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD: As much as we love social media (and boy do we! Keep those posts coming!), these are many more effective ways to make your voice heard:

  • CALL your local, state & national representatives. Tell them you support Planned Parenthood and ask them to fight against efforts to eliminate access to healthcare. (Need the numbers? Visit our Laws and Legislators page to find the links you need for state and federal officials!)
  • WRITE a letter to your local paper stating why you support the work of Planned Parenthood (Need Help? We’ve got some ideas! Shoot Ruth an email at ruth.lednicer@ppmi.orgto learn more!)
  • WRITE a letter to your local, state and national elected representatives stating why you support the work of Planned Parenthood (Don’t know where to start? Email Amanda at and she can get you started!)
  • SHOW UP at your representatives’ local town hall meetings to talk with them in person about your support for the work Planned Parenthood does. When you call their office, ask to be added to their constituent email list. When they announce their next local event, PLAN TO ATTEND!

5. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR HEALTHCARE AT YOUR LOCAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Go to to make an appointment at one of our 20 health centers across the state!

6. JOIN US! As always, you can sign up at  By going to this webpage, you pick and choose EXACTLY what, when and how you would like to support Planned Parenthood in Michigan.


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