Welcome to PPAM’s Resource Page! Here is where you will find resources and materials to help you be a better advocate and activist for women’s health and reproductive justice in your community.  Whether you are looking for Planned Parenthood Information, want to follow current legislation in Lansing, or want to see our latest Activist Toolkit, our Resources Page can help!

Planned Parenthood Info

Do you want to know where our health centers are located or how many patients we see each year? Would you like information on what legislation we are following or a quick look at our work? Then the Planned PP Info Page is the place for you!

PP Info

Activists & Advocates

Are you an activist working on reproductive justice? Do you want to learn how to be a better advocate for reproductive health? These Activist & Advocate Resources will provide you with vital information on our current and past campaigns, toolkits to use in your community, and information on specific topics of interest to reproductive rights activists.

Activists & Advocates Resources


The Voting Resource page has everything you need to know regarding voting. You can find out how to register to vote, your polling location, common voter myths, and when elections are.

Voting Resources

Laws & Legislators

Legislation, Legislators, and the Legislature! Its all here on our Legislative Resources page. You’ll find information regarding legislation in Michigan and Washington DC, look up who your representatives are, track bills, and more!

Laws & Legislators Resources

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