Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ Community: What You Should Know

Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ Community: What You Should Know

Given the heightened political controversy and media coverage around Planned Parenthood and abortion, it is not unusual to watch people react with visible surprise when they learn that Planned Parenthood does, in fact, provide a wide range of services that are not related to abortion. A few weeks ago, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan’s field team wrapped up a busy month of June outreach at Pride festivals throughout the state. Since the LGBTQ community is one of Planned Parenthood’s strongest allies, East Michigan Field Organizer Emily Clancy and volunteers who attended this year’s Motor City Pride festival noted that they did not anticipate encountering LGBTQ individuals who were unfamiliar with the quantity and quality of health and educational services that Planned Parenthood provides to the Michigan LGBTQ population.

While more Americans support Planned Parenthood now more than ever and are showing that support through donations, sharing their stories, and organizing rallies, this lack of knowledge that exists around a primary focus of our organization shows us that we still have some work to do.

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate released their updated draft version of the health care repeal bill, and as expected, it includes the same “defund” Planned Parenthood provision from their previous bill. As the Senate continues to negotiate what will be included and excluded in the final version of the healthcare bill, it is so important that patients and supporters continue to speak out and educate their communities on the critical role that Planned Parenthood plays not just for women but for young people, low income populations, and the LGBTQ community.

Curious to know how Planned Parenthood of Michigan supports the LGBTQ population and the services we provide?
John Keserich, Planned Parenthood of Michigan and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan’s Director of Political Field Operations, spoke with Between the Lines, Michigan’s news and entertainment source for the LGBTQ community, about what you should know about Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ community.

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