Reason #5: Medical Care
Without Intimidation.

I must be able to access abortion and other confidential reproductive health care services without coercion, intimidation, or harassment.  

  • State regulations and laws that acknowledge and fund programs to prevent violence and harassment toward women seeking reproductive health care are integral to any efforts to address violence against women.
  • Efforts by states to seek the names and private medical information of patients is in opposition to the expectations that all Americans have — that their medical information is theirs and does not belong to the state.
  • I shouldn’t have to run a gauntlet of screaming, terrorizing, and bullying protesters in order to get legal health care services.  The Supreme Court ruling in McCullen v. Coakley striking down Massachusetts’ 35-foot buffer zone around reproductive health centers put women at risk, but this ruling isn’t the end of the story. Now that the Court has taken away this critical protection, we must find new tools to protect patients and staff.

I will fight because no woman should have to face a screaming, terrorizing bully in order to access abortion and other reproductive health care services.

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