Reason # 2: Medical Care by Doctors,
NOT Politicians.


My doctor must be able to provide me with medically accurate information and quality medical care based on the latest medical research and their training and expertise — not based on political agendas or religious restrictions.

  • It is common sense: Health care should be governed by science, not politics. That means groundbreaking advances in women’s health should be protected and supported, and my doctor should be allowed to provide high-quality care to me and other patients using evidence-based medicine.  I need accurate medical information that supports me, helps me make a decision for myself, and enables me to take care of my health and well-being. Medical information should also be culturally and linguistically appropriate.  Politicians should not interfere with the doctor-patient relationship and should promote quality, evidence-based care for women.
  • State regulations and legislation that forces doctors to provide women with medically inaccurate information, such as requiring a doctor to tell her patient that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, is government intervention at its worst — accurate information about your medical care is the cornerstone to good medicine.
  • State efforts to bar the use of an evidenced-based regimen/protocol for medication abortion, forces a woman to take medication according to an outdated protocol based on a politician’s opinion, rather than her doctor’s guidance.
  • Policies that allow hospitals and other health care institutions to deny patients certain medical care based on religious beliefs can put a patient’s health and life at risk.
  • Michigan has seen a wave of so-called religious freedom bills (RFRA) that allow healthcare providers and adoption agencies to discriminate  and deny medical services based on “closely held religious beliefs.”  This would harm access to health care and allow discrimination against the LGBT community.

I will fight to be cared for by a doctor who can provide me with medically accurate information and quality affordable care based on the latest medical research and their training and expertise—not based on a religious belief or political agenda.

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