Reason #4: Everyone Deserves Sex Ed.

I deserve access to sex education programs that give me, my friends, my kids, and everyone else the reliable, accurate information we need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy.

  • Sex education in our schools should be comprehensive to provide young people with accurate information and skills to make responsible decisions about their health.
  • State regulations and laws that guarantee young people will receive comprehensive sex education in their schools play a crucial role in reducing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and in helping young people to establish healthy relationships.
  • Abstinence-only programs and their funding have proven time and time again to be ineffective at delaying sexual activity and preventing teen pregnancy.
  • Michigan law does not currently require comprehensive sexuality education in public schools and has a system of laws in place that create complicated guidelines and advisory boards for local school districts who do wish to teach it, including mandating that a clergy member serve on Sex Ed Advisory Boards and mandating that those Comprehensive Sex Ed curricula that are taught stress faith based morals including abstinence until marriage.

I will fight for sex education programs that give young people reliable, accurate information to make responsible decisions and stay healthy.

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