Reason #3: Equal Health Care Access
for Everyone.

I should be able to access affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care — regardless of my race, the language I speak, my gender identity, my sexual orientation, who my employer is, or where I live.  

  • Cost should never be a barrier to accessing basic health care.  Neither should my status as a citizen.  Every woman across the country, including me, should have access to insurance coverage for the full range of reproductive health care services, including birth control, cancer screenings, and abortion.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, preventive care is now covered without a copay — and no matter where I live or work, I should also have access to this critical provision.
  • The expansion of Medicaid has and will continue to revolutionize access to medical care for millions of Americans. Through these efforts, expanding coverage for women’s health services will mean access to cancer screenings, birth control and other preventive services particularly in underserved communities.  Attempts to hinder Medicaid expansion do nothing but deny millions of Americans basic health care.
  • Michigan participates in the federal exchanges but has hundreds of thousands of individuals who are at risk of losing their coverage based on the King vs. Burwell Supreme Court decision.  164,998 Michigan women, including about 54,449 Michigan women of color, have enrolled in Marketplace coverage with tax credits. These women would lose their subsidies, and are at risk of losing coverage altogether, if the Court ruled in favor of King.
  • States that ban coverage of abortion in private insurance are making it more expensive and less accessible for women.
  • Women in Michigan are forced to purchase additional insurance riders that cover abortion.  Additionally, only 7 insurance providers across the state offer the rider.
  • Policies that bar discrimination against a woman by her employer because she seeks access to birth control ensure that she gets the medical care she needs — no matter where she works.
  • Planned Parenthood applauds recent action toward comprehensive immigration reform, but will continue to advocate that everyone, regardless of citizenship status, should have access to health care via the Affordable Care Act and beyond.

I will fight for access to affordable reproductive health care, including abortion, for all – because everyone have equal access to health care no matter who we are, where we work, or where we live or come from.

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