Reason #6: Compassionate Care
for Victims of Violence.

If I or any other woman experiences sexual violence, there should be access to compassionate health care without delay, government interference, or intimidation.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 women in the United States experience sexual assault in their lifetime.  At a time when a woman is coping with a traumatic situation, it is imperative that she receive compassionate care, including a full range of health care options, rather than judgment and denial of health services.
  • Politicians’ mandating all rape and incest survivors undergo an ultrasound is cruel and denies a doctor the opportunity to offer patient-specific care.
  • All hospitals should offer emergency contraception to any survivor of rape.
  • Emergency contraception information should be widely distributed, and the pills themselves must be available to women in every emergency room across the state.
  • Michigan law does not currently mandate Emergency Contraception be provided to victims of sexual violence in emergency rooms.

I will fight for the right of women who are victims of sexual violence to have access to compassionate care without delay or interference.

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