On the Frontlines: Fighting for Access

On the Frontlines: Fighting for Access

By Amanda West, Director of Government Relations

I fight every day for Planned Parenthood because I see all too clearly how close it is to going away.  Planned Parenthood was always there for me, my family and friends whenever we needed it.  I took for granted how easy it was just to pop in and pick up birth control pills.  STI tests were and are available for anyone.  Counseling, education and information?  Check, check and check.

Since then, I’ve learned that access to those services was fought for over decades and have developed sincere admiration and appreciation for women and men that battled before me.  I’m stunned to see– almost weekly– more legislation and attacks that attempt to roll back all those victories.  In Michigan, there is preposterous legislation that puts crippling and unconstitutional bans on access to abortion.  Nationally, efforts to roll back access to sexual education, family planning services and safe abortion care are in the news daily.  We don’t expect those attacks to end any time soon, especially with the current crop of conservative presidential candidates.

The rights of women’s access to reproductive healthcare are under continuous attack.  I am so proud to be fighting on the front lines each and every day.


The views in this post are the storyteller’s experience and do not necessarily reflect the mission of Planned Parenthood Affiliates and Advocates of Michigan.

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